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Broken Clay SACCO

BCM's Saving and Credit Cooperative was established in June 2022 funded by BCM and the generosity of our donors. A long-time desire of Larry and Pat Graham and Pastor David & Petronilla Turyatemeba is now a reality.


SACCOs in Uganda are owned, governed, and managed by members who have the same common bond. They are legal bodies registered under the Cooperative Societies Act. SACCOs are economic institutions involved in business activities for the purpose of making a profit to grow, survive and become sustainable. 

Within the first year of our SACCO, members will begin a process of savings and complete training in business concepts. After one year of savings, members qualify to apply for micro-finance loans to begin businesses. 

BCM and our donors are positioned to make a great impact on entire communities.  


Help support the Broken Clay SACCO today!   

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